From cyber-bullies, to protecting your digital reputation, online safety is a constant challenge in today’s high tech world.

They insult, threaten, swear and gossip online. Cyber-bullies have developed into another threat for young people next to drugs and alcohol. The plethora of 24/7 online chat rooms, IM and social networking sites provides a far reaching platform for cyber-bullies and while it is a digital form of abuse it can result in unwanted physical and mental medical conditions.

Safeguarding our children is paramount and mainly, the internet is a place for positive communication, information, education and entertainment. However, it can also expose children to age-inappropriate content and risky social behaviour and e-Safety should be a topic of discussion for every Australian family with primary and high school aged children. Gitta Johnston and Eva Fraser, Directors of Minimum Harm School Programs will lead a special community, parent and student Cyber-Sanity information presentation at the German International School Sydney on Tuesday 27 November at 7.30pm. The interactive discussion will navigate parents through the pros and cons of the internet and help prepare children to be cyber responsible and cyber ready.


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