Jonathan Beninca

Jonathan Beninca

Jonathan Beninca is a master communicator delivering unforgettable motivational, safety and keynote presentations. He shares his personal journey of losing multiple limbs after taking a dangerous risk at the age of 19 when he was run over by a train. He inspires individuals to think about their health and safety in the workplace and encourages smarter, safer decision making.

Missing an arm and a leg, Jonathan has become an expert speaker on topics such as personal development, success strategies, injury prevention and many other topics. Jonathan keeps the audience engaged and interested by mixing humour with his real life experiences. Jonathan is an alternative talker and creates behaviour change with real life technologies.

Jonathan has professional experience in delivering over 3000 presentations to more than 100,000 individuals. He focuses on:

  • Risky behavior and the consequences of it
  • Building resilience
Presentation outcomes
  • Identifying dangerous behaviour particularly when intoxicated
  • Creating a better understanding of life after a dangerous risk that results in a serious injury
  • Encouraging healthy friendships and peer support
  • Encouraging positive decision and choice making
  • Encouraging students to accept responsibility for their actions
  • Breaking down invincibility attitudes
  • Encouraging choosing positive behaviours over dangerous risk-taking
  • Facilitating positive role models

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Armondo Hurley

armondo hurley

Armondo Hurley is a motivational speaker who shares his stories and experiences of maintaining self respect and inner peace in challenging situations.

As a singer, actor, songwriter and producer, Armondo has toured with Tina Turner, Diana Ross, Joe Cocker and Jimmy Barnes. His cool and sophisticated voice is unforgettable. He is a celebrated performer in Hair, Sweet Charity and The Caribbean Tempest, and is blessed with world class talent and an endearing, sense of humour.

Armondo runs programs on racism, bullying and most importantly self respect. He has a moving story to tell and delivers it with great passion. He leaves the room spellbound as he spins his magic.

Armondo has spoken to over 100,000 students. Students come up to him ten years later and say they remember his visit and his story and how it impacted their life.

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