Up to 30% of female students and up to 11% of male Year 12 students have shown symptoms of acute anxiety

HSC stress and stress managementStress management is particularly important for adolescents.

Year 12 consists of many HSC assessments and exams and these ultimately determine university entry. This final year of High School can be highly stressful, with an alarming number of students breaking down in psychological distress. The academic pressure can make the smartest students do badly in exams.

In a recent HSC stress management survey, 44% of students identified themselves as the greatest source of pressure, with 35% stating that family and 21% stating that the school or teachers are the other main sources.

47% of gifted students identify their own internal pressure as the strongest source of pressure. This is much higher than their average-ability peers (24%). As expected, gifted students are more result-focused, prioritising the outcome of tests over the process of learning.

Our tools, strategies and activities

This stress management workshop provides students with the tools and strategies to help them survive this extremely stressful time.

We offer a variety of relevant activities. These include presentations, films, group discussions and work, role playing and games.

At workshop conclusion, students should be more empowered to
  • Understand how stress affects the human body. Sleep, exercise and relaxation time is critical
  • Identify when stress and anxiety become problematic
  • Find positive points in negative situations
  • Cope effectively with stress (i.e. relaxation and yoga)
  • Implement effective study skills, time planning and organisation

HSC students can download a free app called HCS Stress Less from the iOS App Store and Google Play. This has been designed specifically for them to help manage stress by teaching them mindfulness meditation techniques.

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