36.4% of boys and 45.1% of girls will have unprotected sex during the Gold Coast schoolies event

 1 in 4 hospitalisations of 15 – 25 year olds occur as a result of alcohol. Four Australians under the age of 25 die every week due to alcohol related injuries.

(Statistics obtained from www.australia.gov.au/drinkingnightmare)Schoolies

Schoolies comes with many risks and dangers

Schoolies week is an important event in a students’ life as they celebrate the end of their school life. It is probably also the one most parents dread because it so often comes with many risks and dangers.

There are many potentially harmful outcomes as a result of schoolies week and these include:

  • Injuries related to alcohol and other drugs due to risky and uninhibited behavior and drink driving
  • Increased anti social behavior such as assault, violence, theft, vandalism and criminal offences
  • Uninhibited sexual activity, consented or not, which can result in pregnancy, STI’s and psychological problems
  • Long term consequences such as a criminal record, health problems and psycho-social problems

Our tools, strategies and activities

This workshop will equip, empower and inspire Year 11 and 12 students with an awareness of practical safety strategies to maximise their safety and preserve their well being in the upcoming schoolies events.

Discussion topics include drink spiking, sexual health, alcohol and other drugs.  We discuss First Aid and teach what action to take if something goes wrong. We share ideas and tips on how to stay safe and teach students what to pack, where to stay and how to travel safely.


    Students are advised on the many risks they may encounter on their trip away such as underage drinking, drug use and unprotected sex. We provide as much knowledge as possible to ensure that adolescents know what to expect during schoolies events.

The workshop includes a variety of relevant activities. These include multi-media presentations, short films, group discussions and work, role playing, games and other activities.

At workshop conclusion, students should be more empowered to
  • Understand alcohol and drug use and the consequences it can have during schoolies
  • Make the right choices to look after themselves and their friends
  • Focus on the importance of making informed decisions using the harm minimisation approach
  • Have the tools and confidence to use refusal strategies and say no
  • Identify the key warning signs when someone is affected by alcohol and/ or drugs and how they can help them
Tips for a successful schoolies event


      • Understand First Aid: Know the recovery position. Store emergency numbers. Stay with a friend until help arrives
      • Have a Buddy System: Stay with your friends. Have meeting points. Store each other mobile numbers. Ensure you have enough phone credit
      • Avoid the danger of drink spiking: Never leave your drink unattended. Pour your own drink. Buy your own drink
      • Ensure you keep well hydrated with water and eat nutritious food (salty food increases thirst)
      • Avoid energy drinks. Mixed with alcohol they can cause heart failure and seizures
      • Count your drinks and avoid mixing alcoholic drinks
      • Do not let peer pressure put you in a position you don't want to be in. Think about refusal strategies such as “I don’t need lots of alcohol to have a good time.”
      • Respect the local community
      • Illicit drugs are always dangerous and a risk
      • Be aware of your sexual health. Be prepared and carry condoms
      • Keep emergency and taxi money separate
      • Call your parents in emergency situations and stay in touch with them during schoolies
      • Enjoy. Have a safe time. Don't take unnecessary risks!
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