icon_parent-info-largeThe aim of this presentation is to look at “Resilience”, what resilience is, what essential skills are needed and how parents can help. Having resilience skills minimises the effect that negative, stressful situations can have on a young person. These skills allow a young person to face challenges, learn from them and apply these skills towards living a healthy life. The following topics are covered:

  • Brainstorm “What is resilience?”
  • Reasons why has it become harder for our children to bounce back after set-backs (e.g. overprotection, perfectionism, too many choices etc.)
  • How resilience works as a protective factor against anxiety and depression
  • skills that young people need to be resilient (e.g. positive thinking, dealing, emotional awareness, courage, planning ahead, connectness and reaching out etc.)
  • Tips for parents to be Resilience Coaches at home (e.g. realistic goal setting, don’t overprotect, failure can lead to success etc.)
  • Resilience Scenarios and discussion
  • Question Time... more

Cyber bullying and cyber safety

The cyber bullying and safety workshop will review the dangers of the Internet, and offer solutions to help parents maintain cyber sanity. The following topics are covered:

  • Reason for running workshops
  • Cyber bullying
  • Consequences of online bullying
  • Warning signs for children being bullied online
  • Ways of handling a cyber bullying situation
  • Cyber safe practices
  • Ideas on how to avoid and stop cyber bullying
  • Law – publishing images and uploading – what are the consequences
  • Employers are now googling potential employees – researching YouTube/ Facebook/ High Schools
  • Question time... more

Alcohol and drugsParty safe and injury prevention

This workshop addresses the complex issues that young people and parents face in relation to drinking, drugs and parties. The following topics are covered:

  • Current views on young people, alcohol and other drugs
  • Risks associated with alcohol
  • Impact of alcohol on the developing brain
  • Statistics and facts
  • Responsibilities and legal requirements of parents in relation to hosting parties
  • Communication between adolescents and their parents with respect to drugs, alcohol and safe partying
  • What to do in an emergency situation at a party
  • Hosting and attending a house party – what to think about before/ during/ after
  • Guide for Parents (5 Point Plan for Parents)
  • What if scenarios
  • Parent/ teenager pledge for safety
  • Question time...more


This workshop focuses on the issues that young people face and how parents can deal with them. The following topics are covered:

  • The highlights and challenges of being a parent
  • Issues that young people face
  • Teenage smoking and drinking
  • Intimate relationships
  • Signs to look out for
  • Strategies and tools on how to deal and communicate with teenagers
  • Parent/ teenager pledge for safety
  • Question time
The cost for one session is $400

Motivational speakers

We can also arrange for a Motivational Speaker to talk about "Risky behavior and the consequences of it" and "Building resilience". Our motivational speakers range from $400 - $600 for one hour.

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