What is Crossroads?


Crossroads is a 25 hour course for students in Year 11 and Year 12. It has been mandatory in NSW government schools since 1992.

The Crossroads course is aimed at extending students’ learning experiences which were developed from Years 7 – 10 in the areas of:

  • Personal development
  • Health and,
  • Physical education.

It was developed to address some of the personal and social issues that young people in senior schools face today.

Our Life Lessons facilitators deliver this program to schools throughout the Sydney region, focusing on the three following key areas:

Our tools, strategies and activities

Our Crossroads program addresses the issues of health, safety and wellbeing at a significant time of young peoples lives.

We prepare and support them as they encounter situations relating to their own identity, independence and changing responsibilities.

During this workshop, we help senior students to develop their knowledge, understanding and skills which will enable them to make informed decisions about issues which are pertinent to them at this stage of their lives.

At workshop conclusion, senior students should be more empowered to respect themselves and others.


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